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Reigna Rox

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Sue did such an AMAZING job. This is truly her gift in life. I'm so grateful for this opportunity. It was a boost I needed in my life currently. Shooting with Sue is comfortable and fun, and her captures bring out the very best in you. This shows in every photo. Sue's spirit reaches in and draws out your free, unguarded self in such a beautiful, authentic way to show the very best of you through photography. I'd recommend Sue to anyone... 



We aren't your traditional Boudoir studio, we believe every woman is unique, so each and every session is customized to your specific wishes, style, and needs. I will personally sit down with you in a complimentary private consultation to get to know you and create a one of a kind custom experience. We photograph all ages and sizes of women and create incredible results for every one of them!


First time doing a photo session? No worries, I have photographed hundreds of women and 98% of my clients are everyday women who have never done one either. I will walk you through the process step by step, starting with pampering you with complimentary hair and makeup, coaching you through the whole session, and posing you from your eyelashes down to the tips of your toes in the most flattering looks and expressions!

Your portraits, just like your photo session, are always kept completely private. We only share clients' photographs when they give us specific permission, which is often since they are so blown away and in love with their portraits. 


As a wife, woman, and mother, I know what it's like to always be putting your family and everyone else first. But I have found that we can only be our best for others when we find self-love for ourselves first.


Boudoir Experience gives the opportunity for women to be pampered, feel beautiful in the skin they are in, no matter what their size or shape, and leave with a renewed confidence and love for how truly beautiful they are from the inside out.

Whether you're planning your session as a gift for your significant other, to commemorate a milestone in your life or just to celebrate yourself, I cannot wait to capture the most gorgeous portraits you have ever seen of yourself. 

~Sue Halliburton, Cr. Photog., CPP

Photographic Craftsman

Certified Professional Photographer

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